New York Dog Owners: Extremely Important

The American Rottweiler Club has been told that A03952 will soon be going to the New York Assembly floor for a vote.  This Bill would prohibit insurers from refusing to issue or renew, cancel, or charge or impose an increased premium for homeowners’ insurance policies based on the breed of a dog owned.

Please use this link to contact your assembly member and/or as many assembly members as possible:

All that is necessary is a few words stating, “I respectfully ask you to vote yes on A03952 sponsored by Assemblywoman Glick.”   Please also include your name and the city/town where you reside.

We have tried for years to get this type of Bill passed.   It has gone through the Senate and now it needs to pass in the Assembly.

This is an extremely important bill for anyone who has a dog, no matter what the breed.  Have your friends, family, send emails, faxes and make phone calls.  Please let’s give this our best effort to get this bill passed before Albany shuts down for the summer and all is lost.

If this does not pass in the Assembly it would mean that next year the entire process has to start all over again, in both the Senate and the Assembly.

Please pass this information on – we need to reach as many New Yorkers as possible.