ARC Versatility & Versatility Excellent Awards

The ARC approved the V & VX Awards on June 24, 1995 and the first Awards were presented at the 1996 Annual Awards Banquet.  The first year dogs that were retired or had already passed on were allowed to apply for the Awards. 

Over the years, the requirements have changed with adding of various sports and titles by AKC and in Schutzhund.  Below are the various requirements, in descending order, starting with the Current requirements and ending with the original ones.  Each is identified by the years for which they were in effect.

Below are the lists of ALL V and VX inductees thru December 31, 2015 (presented at 2016 Awards Banquet).  There are 2 lists: V and VX; and each are alphabetical. 

The year indicates the year the dog/bitch was inducted (presented at following year’s Annual Awards Banquet).  On the VX List if the titles/points have been updated that year follows.

You must make application for these awards.   Awards are presented each year at the Annual Awards Banquet, held in conjunction with the ARC National Specialty Show.  All Awards will be based on titles earned by December 31st of the year preceding the award presentation.

There is no formal application but must include the name of the dog or bitch, AKC registration number, the owners, the owner’s address, phone number and email.  It must also contain the titles/awards earned.  In order to verify the titles, the following must also be included:  photocopies of the title/awards/ Scorebook; verification of therapy hours.  If you have problems with the verification, please contact Diana Lane.

The owner applying for the award must be an ARC member in good standing at the time of application and at award presentation. (Example - to apply for a V to be awarded in 2018, the owner applying must be an ARC member in good standing on the deadline for applications – March 17, 2018 as well as on the date of the Awards Banquet – May 17, 2018.)

Note: Non-members whose dog(s) were awarded the ARC Versatility Award at the 2016 ARC Awards Presentation or earlier may continue to earn a Versatility Excellent award on that dog(s) without becoming an ARC member.  That same owner must become an ARC member to earn the “V” or “VX” title on any Rottweilers that don’t already have the “V” title.

The updating of Titles to a dog's name (new certificate/Master List) will only be for a dog that has earned the VX Title and then only if the new title(s) will add to the dog's total number of points. 

Deadline for 2018 Awards is March 17th  Please submit information to:

Teresa Bradley
16139 NE Boutelle Rd, Battle Ground, WA 98604-9757