ARC Production Awards

The ARC Board of Directors first approved the Production Awards on December 2, 1984 and the first Awards were presented at the 1985 Annual Awards Banquet. 

Over the years, the requirements have changed with adding of various sports and titles by AKC and in Schutzhund.  Below are the various requirements, in descending order, starting with the Current requirements and ending with the original ones.  Each is identified by the years for which they were in effect.

Below are the lists of ALL Production inductees thru December 31, 2015 (presented at 2016 Awards Banquet).  There are 2 lists; Dams & Sires; and each is alphabetical. 

Year:  Litters/Puppies Column

The year indicates the year the dog/bitch was inducted (presented at following year’s Annual Awards Banquet.  This followed by either the number of Litters or Litters/Puppies as of December 31st of the induction year.

In 1998 and 1999, the AKC gave the number of litters for the 1998 and 1999 Production Award inductees and we were not required to get the owner’s permission to publish.  Figures were unavailable on a couple of dogs from these 2 years as their breeding records were not computerized.

In 2000, AKC had changed their policy and would not release the figures.  But in 2001, AKC reconsidered and supplied the number of litters and registered puppies for both the 2000 and 2001 inductees.  However, we were required to pay for this information and obtain written permission from the owners before releasing these figures. A practice that is required to this day.

The notation Dogs/bitches whose owners do not sign or return the release to ARC will have the notation “NP” printed next to their names. 

*NP indicates either owner withheld permission or did not return the release to publish figures.

Foreign Litters/Puppies:  If a litter is whelped in another country and none of the get is AKC registered, then that litter does not show in total # of litters.  However should one or more get be AKC registered, then AKC will report the litter, but report only the # of puppies for that litter that are AKC registered.  Example: litter of 8 whelped in Canada and only 2 are AKC registered; shows as 1 litter/2 puppies. 

When a dog/bitch DOES NOT move to a higher level, but owner pays to have the offspring/points updated, then the # of Litters/Puppies are updated thru AKC and on the list it would show:  Year originally inducted, followed by year of update and updated litters/puppies.

You must make application for these awards.   Awards are presented each year at the Annual Awards Banquet, held in conjunction with the ARC National Specialty Show.  All Awards will be based on titles earned by December 31st of the year preceding the award presentation.

There is no formal application but must include the name of the dog or bitch, AKC registration number, the breeder, the owner, the owner’s address, phone number and email address.  It must also contain the names and titles of the offspring.  In order to verify the titles ONE of the following must also be included for each of the offspring’s titles:  AKC progeny report, month/year title was earned; Scorebook; copy of the title.  If you have problems with the verification, please contact Cathy Thompson.  The owner need not be a member of the American Rottweiler Club.

Deadline for 2018 Awards is March 17th .  Please submit information to:           

Cathy Thompson, 1579 Rockbridge Rd, Washington CH, OH 43160-9721

Fax:  740-636-0272                               

Dogs/bitches who already have a Production Award, but are not eligible for the next level or are already at Gold, may update the accomplishments of their offspring and their point total.  This now means that the number of litters/puppies must also be updated thru AKC and the ARC is charged for this service.  Therefore, anyone wishing to update the information on their dog/bitch must pay a service charge of $10.00 per dog/bitch.  There will be no new certificate issued, but the changes will be made on the master Production List that is posted on

Please send check, in U.S. Funds, payable to ARC, along with information requested in a normal application to Cathy Thompson at the above address.  Updates will be based on titles earned by December 31, 2016.