AKC Acknowledges ARC Carting Titles

At the American Kennel Club Board meeting on April 11, 2011 approval was granted for 6 breeds to have their drafting/carting tests acknowledged by AKC. The American Rottweiler Club Carting Tests is included and the following titles will be recorded by AKC:

CS Carting Started Individual - Dog On Leash
CI Carting Intermediate Individual - Dog Off Leash
CX Carting Excellent Individual Dog - Handler sits in cart
CST Carting Started Team - Two or More Dogs On Leash
CIT Carting Intermediate Team - Two or More Dogs Off Leash
CXT Carting Excellent Team - Two or More Dogs; Handler sits in cart

As has been the case with all previously approved Parent Club performance events, AKC will record titles earned back as far as January 1, 2000.

Procedure for Applying to AKC to have ARC Carting Title Recorded

Recording of an ARC Carting Title is done at the request of a dog’s owner through the following process:

  1. Upon earning an ARC Carting Title, complete the “Application to Record a Title Earned in Approved Parent Club Performance Events." (Application is attached)
  2. Attach a check or money order for the appropriate amount or complete the credit card information.
  3. Mail the application and payment to the AKC.
  4. AKC will verify and record the title.
  5. AKC will issue and mail a title certificate to the recorded owner.

Only one title will be recorded per application and only the highest level achieved will appear on the dog’s pedigree. Please allow 4 – 6 weeks for processing. An updated Registration Certificate and Pedigree may also be ordered via the Title Application form. Please be aware that event superintendents or event secretaries may, but are not required to, print AKC recognized Parent Club titles in event catalogs.

Please see the AKC website at http://www.akc.org/events/performance and hold your cursor over Parent Club Performance Events for more information.

Questions: Please contact AKC at performanceevents@akc.org or 919- 816-3900, or ARC Carting Coordinator, Dr. Tommy Caisango at drtom13@aol.com or 321-752-4614.

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