Texas 200 to be on Animal Planet: February 15th, 1 PM EST

On February 14th, 1 PM EST, Animal Planet will do a segment on Animal Cops Houston.  The 60 minute segment is titled Frozen.  Investigators get more than they bargained for when they're called in to help police at a commercial dog breeding facility.  What should be a routine seizure becomes a nightmare when a freak ice storm hits Texas and temperatures plummet to below freezing.

Animal Planet has an office at the Houston SPCA and they were present from the beginning (picking up the dogs at the property in Coryell County, Texas) to when they were loaded in the volunteers van and vehicles to get to their destinations.  There were initially 200 Rottweilers that were rescued and 17 female Rottweilers gave birth in the 3 week period while the Houston SPCA waited for custody.  This presentation shows the Houston SPCA visiting the property with a good view of the poor housing for the animals, frozen water buckets and lack of protection from the elements. They also spend some time in this hour showing how they save the 4 large exotic cats (Tigers and Cougars) as well as the 46 horses.  This segment serves as a proud reminder of ARC's accomplishment and how a Parent Club can work with a large shelter and Rottweiler Rescue groups in over 24 states!

Please take the time to view Animal Planets work.